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Support Primary Or Primary Children in Municipal School





Promoting vision & mission of SDP with new opportunities for the civil society in the general & the poor masses in the particular. There is a need to respect our
environment on which our vary lives are dependent, to protect our bio diverse cultures & traditions & values. SDP is making plans to promote & legacy which is different in nature & also to struggle will have to decrease their poverty & promote the culture values.

Further in future plan SDP struggle for women issues such as discriminatory practices against women, domestic violence, and sexual harassment of women
by local influential, promotion of human rights & girl’s education; also planning to educate the school children on civil & political rights as guaranteed in
constitutions of Pakistan. The objective of this intervention is to make the future generation of the nation of their civil & political rights, peace full, and tolerance, which will have a respect full place on the global scenario and going to achieve SDP’s Goal and make vision to reality.