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The Old Need Our Support

SDP is non-Government and Non-profit organization. The organization is working in different spheres of life like Education, Natural Resource Management, Livelihoods, Women Empowerment, and Advocacy for social issues/human rights, food Security and Social Mobilization, Emergency Response etc. The registered office of the organization currently situated in the city of Shikarpur. SDP’s geographical area for intervention

School For Poor Children

About SDP Support to Deprived Peoples- SDP founded in 2010 and Registered in 2011 under society Act 1860 withheld registration number is 810/PAR/LRK/2011/583. Vision Support To Deprived Peoples – SDP is committed to establishing a caring, sharing and loving society, where all human being can access to resource and live with dignity, non- discrimination and

Providing Education to Poor’s

Work areas Human Rights and Women Empowerment We want to work in women issues because women in our society is very vulnerable she tolerate violence abuse, carnation because of these issues women hasn’t access to their rights & also we know that women hasn’t decision making power because of unawareness we want to aware &

Kids Project We Worked

In emergency Situation After the disaster our community’s health condition is very worse & in monsoon season every year same condition again came in our communities & if we work on PHC we can control people’s diseases. Focus on women pregnant (ante-natal, postnatal care), lactating women, and nutrition & malnourished children under five years. Education:

Kids Project We Worked in Sindh

Promoting vision & mission of SDP with new opportunities for the civil society in the general & the poor masses in the particular. There is a need to respect our environment on which our vary lives are dependent, to protect our bio diverse cultures & traditions & values. SDP is making plans to promote &

Fight For the Right Cause Saving from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Working for the Water Supply Wash, Water & Sanitation SDP want to provide to deprived peoples healthy environment through provide them hand pumps, washrooms & also give them awareness about health & hygiene. And complete education on primary health/hygiene. Because many peoples live in unhygienic condition even they don’t have washroom/latrine in their areas. Livelihood