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School For Poor Children

About SDP

Support to Deprived Peoples- SDP founded in 2010 and Registered in 2011 under society Act 1860 withheld registration number is 810/PAR/LRK/2011/583.


Support To Deprived Peoples – SDP is committed to establishing a caring, sharing and loving society, where all human being can access to resource and
live with dignity, non- discrimination and effective participation, The Established & Developed Nation with equity would be Core Vision of SDP.


SDP’s mission to provide support & Relief to deprived, through goods, services & Advocacy at national to community level, SDP only works for the betterment
of depriveds in various manners, as SDP providing relief & support to thousands depriveds; SDP will provide relief and support without any discrimination,
gender, color, race and religion, SDP’s Relief & Support to all derpiveds equally and also strive to eliminate hunger, poverty, disease and injustice and make

The objectives of life society are to promote self-help, mutual aid and better living to archive these objectives,
a) To assist and point our human rights violation in any stage.
b) To establish educational / vocational institutes and training centers.
c) To provide training and guide lines to women for playing the leading role in development society.
d) To establish libraries and study circles.
e) To motivate the peoples for the self-employment and provide the initial resources.
f) To motivate the peoples for self-employments and provide self employments initial resources.
g) To provide basic health (technical and general) education, development and employment facilities in the ruler areas.